Jayhawk Ball Surface Scanner 15-7000

Jayhawk Ball Surface Scanner  15-7000
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  • Item #: 15-7000
  • Generate more Business! Your customers will bring you their equipment periodically for resurfacing, knowing that you can restore their preferred surface.
  • Scan a bowling ball surface for roughness and consistency
  • Precision Laser Optical Scanner with computerized control and analysis
  • Fast and Easy to use, results in seconds!
  • Customer ball-track checkups: Learn which surface roughness yields the desired customer performance, and then be able to quantitatively confirm that you've reproduced it. 

"my ball resurfacing business is up 35-40% each month over the previous year since I started using the scanner. It is the most valuable tool in my Pro Shop." 

Rob Wiltsie RSW Pro Shop Tavares, Florida

"I am getting new customers from other centers to drive across town to have me scan and resurface their equipment."

Tom Zernia Lighthouse Pro Shop West Bend, Wisconsin

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